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云梯49 (Copy)

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The cry of the city like a siren's song  这座城市发出的悲泣,像一声声凄厉的警笛

Wailing over the rooftops the whole night long  在楼宇的上空彻夜回荡

Saw a shooting star like a diamond in the sky  一颗流星划破夜空,像宝石一样明亮

Must be someone's soul passing by  那是谁的灵魂正飘然离去


These are the streets  这些街道

Where we used to run where your Papa's from  是我们世代的居所,童年嬉戏的地方

These are the days  这里的岁月

Where you become what you become  是我们成长的时光,让我们变成今天的模样

These are the streets  在这街道

Where the stories told  我们曾倾听动人的故事

The truth unfolds  了解到这里的过去

Darkness settles in  不觉间夜幕已经降临

 Don't wanna be a hero  不梦想成为救世主

Just an everyday man  只要永远做一个男人

Trying to do the job the very best he can  努力地工作,尽其所能

But now it's like living on borrowed time  但如今却像生活在借来的时间

Out on the rim, over the line  越过了边缘,超出了界限


Always tempting fate like a game of chance  总是像进行一场赌注,用生命在冒险

Never wanna stick around to the very last dance  永远不希望这是最后一次挑战

Sometimes i stumble and take a hard fall  有时我会走入歧路重重地跌倒

Loose hold your grip off the wall  任性地松开你紧握的手,要自己去冒险

I thought i saw him walking by the side of the road  我仿佛看见他在街上步履匆匆

Maybe trying to find his way home   好像在寻找回家的归途

He's here but not here  明明就在眼前却是一个幻影

He's gone but not gone  他已经离去却总萦绕我的左右

Just hope he knows if I get lost  他可知道我也在找回家的道路


Shine your light down on me  撒下你的光辉,把我的世界照亮

Lift me up so I can see  带我高飞,让我眺望远方

Shine your light when you're gone  离去时留下你智慧的光芒

Give me the strength to carry on  给我力量,让我坚强

To carry on  ...

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